• Site Location:  WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN
  • Site Coordinates (via MNORBS): W0REA-WBL
  • Trustee: K0LAV – Paul
  • Trustee Website:
  • Coordination: 147.390+
  • Repeater Specs / Trustee Notes:
    • The VHF DMR repeater is a Motorola XPR8300 running 30 watts directly to a TX antenna at 90 feet above the ground side mounted on Trustee’s backyard tower. The receive side of the DMR repeater is connected to the Super Stationmaster 6 dB gain antenna, on the receiver side of the duplexer that is also used for the Analog 147.00/39 repeater The stationmaster antenna is mounted on top of the 120 ft high tower.
    • All of the radio equipment in the backyard radio building is connected to the 13KW standby power generator at my house so backup AC power is always available.

    First VHF Amateur Radio DMR Repeater in Minnesota on MNDMR

  • DMR Network / Specs: MNDMR Network, CC11, Zone5, TS1/TS2.


CLICK HERE FOR : MNDMR Repeater Coverage Interactive Map