Welcome to the MNDMR, Minnesota’s 1st in-house DMR CBridge Repeater Network System

Getting Started With DMR

Simply follow these steps to get started

  1. First step is to get yourself a DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Visit here: http://www.dmr-marc.net/cgi-bin/trbo-database/userreg.cgi
    • Follow the Steps there.  Once validated, the DMR-MARC team will send you an email w/ your DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Note down this ID somewhere.  Yourself and Your radio will be identified with this ID across your DMR user experience
  2. Download the MN-DMR codeplug for your Radio Model
    • Visit here
    • If you are flashing/programming your radio yourself, you will need access to the programming software for your specific radio model/type
      • You could also reach out to your local MNDMR enthusiast and have him/her help upload the codeplug to your radio
      • Whether you do it yourself, or having someone do it for you, please ensure you use the DMR-MARC Radio ID you got in step #1 and include that in your programming.
  3. You’re all set. You can start using your DMR radio, your favorite MNDMR repeater and the MNDMR network


Thank you for your participation and interest with MNDMR – feel free to reach out to us at MNDMR@mndmr.net and ask away any questions you might have.

The MNDMR Team