Getting Started w/ DMR


Welcome to the MNDMR CBridge and Repeater Network System

Simply follow these steps to get started

  1. First step is to get yourself a DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Visit here:
    • Follow the Steps there.  Once validated, the DMR-MARC team will send you an email w/ your DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Note down this ID somewhere.  Yourself and Your radio will be identified with this ID across your DMR user experience
  2. Download the MN-DMR codeplug for your Radio Model
    • Visit here
    • Accept the End-User Terms and Conditions download your corresponding radio’s codeplug and upload it to your radio
    • If you are doing this yourself, you will need access to the programming software for your specific radio model/type
      • You could also reach out to your local MNDMR enthusiast and have him/her help upload the codeplug to you radio
      • Whether you do it yourself, or having someone do it for you, please ensure you use the DMR-MARC Radio ID you got in step #1 and include that in your programming.
  3. You’re all set. You can start using your DMR radio and the MN-DMR network
    • The MNDMR Repeaters are all part of the MNDMR CBridge Network.
    • You may request permissions to gain access to the MinimalWatch service and to the latest MNDMR Dashboard


Thank you for your participation and interest with MNDMR – feel free to reach out to us at

The MNDMR Team