Repeater Owners

New repeater owners wishing to join the MNDMR CBridge Network System, are requested to:

  1. Read the document titled, “Repeater Owner Guide” where it discusses the requirements and expectations of a repeater owner, and outlines the requisition process.  The approval for inclusion is not implied, and will require a review by the MNDMR council post your submission.
  2. If you’re comfortable you will be able to meet the requirements, feel free to fill out the application document “MNDMR Repeater Application” and submit it to for review.

Should you have any questions or need additional information beyond what’s already covered in this document, please reach out to John Rowan (

The MNDMR Team

Are you a Repeater Owner – looking to learn about joining our C-Bridge ? 

We are currently *not* accepting new repeaters into the MNDMR CBridge.  However, you may download the “Application Form” to review should you be interested.