Getting Started w/ DMR

The Big Question : “This site is all cool and all, but, I’m new to DMR, where do I go to get started with my new DMR radio?”

First of all, Welcome to MN-DMR – Simply follow these steps to get started:

  1. First step is to get yourself a DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Visit here:
    • Follow the Steps there.  Once validated, the DMR-MARC team will send you an email w/ your DMR-MARC Radio ID.
    • Note down this ID somewhere.  Yourself and Your radio will be identified with this ID across your DMR user experience
  2. Download the MN-DMR codeplug for your Radio Model
    • Visit here:
    • download the corresponding codeplug and upload the codeplug to your radio
      • If you are doing this yourself, you will need access to the programming software for your specific radio model/type
      • You could also reach out to your local MN-DMR enthusiast and have him/her help upload the codeplug to you radio
      • Whether you do it yourself, or having someone do it for you, please ensure you use the DMR-MARC Radio ID you got in step #1 and include that in your programming.
  3. You’re all set. You can start using your DMR radio and the MN-DMR network
    • The MN-DMR Repeaters are all currently linked and networked w/ each other using the W2XAB’s K4USD C-Bridge
    • The latest MNDMR Dashboard can be found here:

  • You can watch the “Traffic Watchhere
  • You can watch the “Peer Repeater Watchhere

Additional resources to make your MN-DMR experience complete, connected and that much more enjoyable:

Please also do the following to keep abreast of the latest and the greatest progress we (MN-DMR) are making in the Minnesota DMR world

  1. Join our Google Discussion Group here:
    • Discussion groups are exactly that. We use this group to share news and announcements, ask questions, discuss various subjects of interest as it pertains to MN-DMR and DMR in general.
    • If you prefer to not get email traffic, you may simply not join the group or choose the “digest” version of the email discussions.
    • Like with any other email distribution list and discussion groups, you may want to consider setting up your email client to sort out emails from this group so to better manage your email workflow.
    • Over time, if you feel like you are not getting much value out of the discussion group, and need to drop off , simply unsubscribe.
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
  3. Note down this MN-DMR Admin email:
  4. Follow us on Twitter: @mndmrgroup
  5. Some fantastic DMR content courtesy of KD0PNQ-Trygve provides “Introduction to DMR and MNDMR” and “Getting Started with DMR Handheld” (Thanks Trygve):
    1. KD0PNQ – Trygve’s Collateral and Presentation Material:


Thank you for your participation and interest with MN-DMR